Embedding acupuncture | 2018/11/05 20:13


طب سوزنی

Embedding acupuncture is a special form of acupuncture. In the treatment the doctor puts an absorbing, sterile, cca. 7-8 mm long surgical

monofilament into the acupuncture point where the monofilament will be absorbed in 3-4 weeks , shortening the cure but keeping its efficiency. The implanted pieces of monofilament have a permanent acupuncture impact, increasing energy (Qi), supporting the yin-yang of the organs, restoring the balance of the body and accelerating healing.


Every disease listed at needle acupuncture.

The treatment is free from by-effects. The efficiency of the embedding method is equal to that of traditional (needle) acupuncture in most of the diseases.

However in certain diseases it is even more effective and can be used especially in:

    locomotor rehabilitation after brain damages (paralysis)
    locomotor rehabilitation of congenitally brain damaged children
    treating of backbone disorders
    healing illnesses in connection with hearind (deafness)
    healing illnesses in connection with speaking (muteness)
    treating problems in connection with digestion and too high/low body weight.

Embedding acupuncture should be repeated in every 3 weeks. In acute cases 1-3 treatments are enough to full recovery. In cases of chronic illnesses 5-10 (or for some patients more) treatments are necessary, depending on the illness.

In long term treatments it is enough to implant monofilament once in every 5-6-8 weeks.

Advantages of the method in comparison with needle acupuncture:

    less treatments are needed
    its impact is permanent
    In Europe only Yamamoto Institute uses this method in healingcheaper and consumes less time.