۴Early prediction of chronic disease by periodic change of Season | 2015/07/15 15:50

۴Early prediction of chronic disease by periodic change of Season

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nasser Tabesh. MD DTCM

Acupuncture, moxibustion and mathematics

Moving formulas


Follow the female menstrual cycle to treat the female diseases. Before menstruating, combine use Si Wu Tang, Ba Zhen Tang, Shi Quan Ba Bu Tang to move the Qi and Blood. After menstruation, use Gui Pi Tang, Qi Ju Di Huang Wan, Bai Zi Yang Xin Wan to nourish Qi and Blood Do not disturb the working cycle of the body, the goal of T.C.M treatment is to try to get the body back into balance. If there is a deficiency of Yang, we tonify Yang; if there is a deficiency of Yin, we nourish Yin.
Check the symptoms or syndrome to know if the body is reaching by dispersing of supplementing. Use formulas or points to move or nourish Qi and Blood and assist the rising of Yin and Yang in the body. For example, if there is more pain, yellow or scanty urination, bleeding gums, or constipation. It means that the body is trying to disperse. To help in the dispersing process, we will use moving formulas such as Juan Bi Tang, Long Dan Xie Gan Tang, Qing Wei San, and Ji Chuan Jian. If we encounter both the moving and supplement symptoms or syndrome, we will have to identify which is the more serious syndrome that needs the attention first. For example, when the patient suffers from a heart disease with chest pain that radiates to the left shoulder and arm, purple tongue with red spots, but the patient has night sweat and loose stool. Night sweat and loose stool is the Maine syndrome now because it consumes more Qi and Blood than the Blood stasis syndrome such as purple tongue with red spots. Therefore, we will have to treat the night sweat and loose stool first, and then remove the Blood stasis in the body. If there is loose stool, diarrhea, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, vaginal discharge, frequent nighttime urination, epistaxis, heamaturia, heamafecia, heamorrhage, metrostaxis, and metrorrhagia, these the body symptoms show that it want to stop and get some supplements. So we will use nourish formulas such as Shen Ling Bai Zhu San, Sheng Mai San, Gan Mai Da Zoo Tang, Sang Piao Xiao San, etc.
When prescribes the formulas, take care of the digestive and absorbing system of Spleen and Stomach first, because Spleen & Stomach is the source that produce Qi and Blood. They are located in the Middle Jiao to support other organs Qi in moving up and down. Ask patients, if they suffer from any poor appetite, indigestion, stomach gas or bloating, loose stool or constipation. Observe the moisture level of their tongue, any thirst, and preference for warm or cold drinks. If Stomach and Spleen are cold, combine Si Jun Zi Tang, Liu Jun Zi Tang, Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang, and Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang. If Stomach and Spleen have heat, combine or use Qing Wei San, Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang, Liang Due Si Wu Tang, Zeng Ye Tang, and Zeng Ye Cheng Qi Tang.

    Liver is on duty in spring, Heart is on duty in summer, Spleen is on duty in Hot Summer, Lung is on duty in autumn, and Kidney is on duty in winter. According to the season in which the disease occurs, do not forget to sedate the excess or tonify the deficiency of the related organ. For example, if cough and asthma suffer in the wintertime, besides treating the Lungs, we will have to sedate Kidney fire if there is excess. On the other hand, we will have to tonify Kidney Yang or nourish Kidney Yin in the case of deficiency, with respect to the body's constitution. The best time to tread the chronic cough and asthma is in hot summer because of the external hot climate. The best time to treat Hay fever is in the cold winter, because Kidney is the son of Lung and mother of Liver. We tonify Kidney in winter to strengthen the Lung Qi and Liver Blood, so that patient will have more energy to resist any pollen when Spring arrives.
    The best time to relieve pain by acupuncture treatment in 2 hours before the pain started or one day before the menstrual cramp pain. When using Herbal pellet or Herbal decoction, it is better to start one week before the menstruating.

3.The cycle of the body: daily cycle follow the sun, the Yang rising from midnight and the Yin rising from mid-noon. The monthly cycle follows the moon. At full moon, the body will be full of energy and during crescent less energy. The female monthly cycle follow their menstrual cycle. Before the menstruation, we assist the body by using formulas to move the Qi and Blood. After the menstruation, we strengthen the body by using formulas that replenish the Qi and Blood.

4.The recovery standards of the symptoms, tongue, and pulse. Even if the symptoms are relieve but the tongue is still dry or watery, or the pulse rapid or weak, it means that the disease is not very evanescent. We have to remind the patient to keep coming for further treatments until their tongue and pulse become normal and healthy. If not, the disease will recur, thereby wasting the patient's money and the time of both the doctor and the patient.

5.After the recovery of any chronic disease, we have to tonify the Qi and Blood of the body. Strengthen the acquired Qi of Spleen and congenital essence of Kidney will help to prevent the disease from recurring. For example, when patients come to treat for Hay Fever in spring and recovered, we will have to remind patients to come in winter to strengthen their Qi. Kidney is the mother of Liver and son of the Lung. Replenishing both the Kidney and Lung will augment the body's resistance and hence prevent the patient from suffering from Hay Fever in the coming spring.

6.The popular law of Disease progression usually starts from the Lungs. The Lung is the first to resist any climate change, next will be Spleen, followed by Liver, Kidney, and Heart is the king of other organs; therefore it is the last suffer from any disease. The special law of disease progression may start from other organs first due to deficient body constitution and weakness. For example, the disease may start from the Spleen and attack the Kidney later. For example, long time poor appetite will cause cold limbs, the symptom of deficiency of Kidney Yang. If it started from the Liver and it will assault Spleen later. For example, Hepatitis consumes Spleen Qi and induces poor appetite or no appetite. If the disease started from the Kidney and it will conquer the Heart quickly. For example, chronic low back pain over years will damage the Heart Qi and induce palpitation, insomnia, and night sweat. When the disease starts from Heart and it will hurt the Lung Qi, causing the patient to suffer from bronchitis or asthma early. When we are treating any Liver disease, we need to strengthen and protect the Spleen at the same time, to keep it free from the attack of Liver.

7.If we want to strengthen the immune system to treat any chronic diseases or congenital disease, we need to know if the patient is deficiency of Yang or Yin. If they are deficiency of Yang, we teach them to do self - moxa at home; if deficiency of Yin, we teach them food cure. When the patient has a moist fat teeth-marked tongue, white and sticky vaginal discharge, loose stool, yet the patient feels hot and prefers cold drinks, it shows that deficiency of Yang is consuming the Yin. The important diagnosis is from the moist fat and teeth-marked tongue. From these we tonify the Yang by teaching the patient self-moxa that they can do it at home, but if the tongue is dry or red with no fur, we have to nourish the Yin first. In the case of a 21-year-old female who suffers from psoriasis since she was a kid. Now she has vaginal discharge and loose stools, so we use Sheng Ling Bai Zhu San 45g to strengthen the immune system and 30g of Xiao Fang San to treat psoriasis. Dang Shen, Wei Shan Yao, Lian Zi, each 15g for soup twice a week as a form of food cure.

8.All the reference mentioned are from the book The Principle of T.C.M written by our principal Dr. Henry C. Li Ph. D., I hope you can own one for your own reference.

The Progression of Disease-For Tonify Body External Pathogen Cold

1. Obstruction of Qi (Lung)                                             wind: Damp

2. Stagnation of Qi (Lung)                                                       Heat

Reversed flow of Qi (Lung as Cough)                                 Dry

(Vomiting will belong to spleen & stomach)

3. Def. of Qi (spleen)  Def. Of blood (liver)     Internal Pathogen

4. Blood Stasis (liver)                                                              Heat

5. Def. of Kidney yang  Def. of Kidney yin                        Cold

(Collapse of Qi)                                                               Internal: Wind

6. Def of Heart Qi  Def. of Heart Blood                             Damp

Exhaust of Heart Yang  Def. of Heart yin                                    Cold Damp

Damp Heat


Blood Stasis


The Body Constitution:


Transformation according to the body deficiency

    Heat transformation due to the body def. of yin
    Cold transformation due to the body def. of yang
    Damp transformation due to the body def. of spleen yang
    Damp transformation will divide cold damp or damp heat

The Development of Life:

Transformation according to the age & sex

    Child hood pay more attention to spleen yang
    Female adult pay more attention to liver blood
    Male adult more attention to kidney yin or yang
    Senior after 60 pay more attention to heart

The Yin & Yang Rising Cycle:

    Daily cycle: The yang rising from midnight, the yin rising from mid noon.
    Six days cycle: The yang rising from the first three days, the yin rising from the second three days.
    Monthly cycle: The yang rising from the full moon, the yin rising from the crescent moon.
    Bi-yearly cycle: The yang rising from the summer solstice, the yin rising from the winter solstice.

Four Stages of the Yin & Yang Rising Cycle

1.Def. of Yang  feel cold

Def. of Yin  feels hot

2.Def. of Yang, yang so consumed cannot support the yin rising, then feel hot

Def. of Yin, yin so consumed cannot support the yang rising then feel cold

3.Def. of both yin & yang

4.Exhaust of both yin & yang

5.What kind of body, occupation, environment?

From what kind of disease may the patient suffer Pulse?

Example:    congenital lung weakness  Rosacea

Excess liver heat  Psoriasis

6.What kind of transformation?

Hot/cold, damp, damp-heat, cold damp, heat and cold mixed?

7.What kind of reaction on the patient?

Move or stay - careful: woman's menstrual cycle, pregnancy

Example:    Pain, constipation  the body needs to move

Bleeding, loose stool  the body needs to stay

    Which organs are involved, where did the disease start?
    What is the process of the disease: special/popular?

What is the relationship between the organs?

Popular process of disease:


Special process of disease:

Rosacea: LU  LIV  KI  HT  SP

Psoriasis: LIV  LU  KI  HT  SP

LIV + KI  Heart Yin  Heat transformation

LU + SP + KI  Heart Yang  Cold transformation

SP + LIV + KI Yin  Heart Yin  Damp heat transformation

LU + SP  KI Yang  Heart Yang  Cold damp transformation

(Damp proceeds the same way as cold transformation)

The progress of treatment: If the disease involves the liver, move back to the spleen. If it involves the heart, move to the kidney. If it involves the kidneys, move back to the liver.

3.When will the patient recover? Daily six days or monthly cycle.

Seasonal. Biyearly or yearly cycle

Recovery time for organs: Liver in summer

Heart in late summer

Spleen in autumn

Lung in winter

Kidney in spring

Recovery standard/watch: systems, tongue, pulse, summer/winter solstice

4.What was the reaction of the patient after herbal or Acupuncture treatment?

Use the results to improve your diagnosis and treatment skills.

5.Why did the disease occur in a particular season?

Spring - liver / summer - heart / long summer - spleen / autumn - lung / winter - kidney

6.Why did the disease recur?

What time: deficiency of Yin new moon / deficiency of Yang full moon, deficiency of Yin summer solstice / deficiency of Yang winter solstice

7.When will the patient die?

The 4 stages of the Yin and Yang rising cycle

1)    Deficiency of Yang (very cold) or deficiency of Yin (very hot)

2)    Yang very deficient/consumed  fails to support Yin  feels hot

3)    Yang very deficient/consumed  fails to support Yang  feels cold

4)    Separation of Yin and Yang. Leading to death

1)                Please record the kind of food you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner do not forget your snacks and what beverage you drink.

2)                Please mark down your energy level: in the morning, afternoon and evening. One is the lowest, 10 the highest level.

3)                Please write down at which time of the day/night the pain started (or the rush, itching, irritability etc). It is important for us to know - because of the body's daily cycle, it will tell us, which channel is involved.

4)                Please record your appetite, bowel movements, urination, emotions, sleep, and dreams if you remember.

5)                Please write down any Eastern or western medication you take as well as any diagnosis you previously received.

See your body as your best friend!

Your suffering is an excellent teacher - learn from it.

Live in harmony with your body as well as your family members, your friends, your work mates and your boss too.

The daily cycle of the body / channels

23-01 Gallbladder channel                 11-13 Heart channel

01-03 Liver channel                           13-15 Small Intestine channel

03-05 Lung channel                           15-17 Bladder channel

05-07 Large intestine channel            17-19 Kidney channel

07-09 Stomach channel                     10-21 Pericardium channel

09-11 Spleen channel                        21-23 Triple burner channel

Please mark down at which hour you suffered first. Please learn from your sores and pains - that is the natural lesson for every human being, do not be beaten by it.

Control your emotions, do not your emotions affect your concentration

-                     Anger consumes your liver energy and affects your decisions

-                     Anxiety and worry consume your spleen energy and affect your digestion

-                     Fear consumes your kidney energy and affects your concentration, learning abilities and your work

-                     Frustration disappointment and sadness consume your lung energy and affect your body temperature, so you will easily catch a cold

-                     Excitement consumes your heart energy and affects your blood circulation causing easily fatigue

Be the master of your emotions - do not let your emotions control you.

Never be the slave of your emotions.

You may be angry or worried for a few minutes - do not bring those emotions into your dreams - they will consume your energy the next day.

Any emotional disorder ... leads to ... obstruction of Qi ... Leads to ... Stagnation of Qi ... leads to ... deficiency of Qi or energy.

Forgiveness is the best remedy, so your body can stay balanced.

Be self-confident; let us unite our wisdom and work together to fight your disease.

You are not alone - do not be self - contempt. Learn self - control and self - discipline. You are a dignified and valuable person is society - you still have the chance to learn, work, and contribute. Be confident - we will not only treat your disease, we treat your body's deficiency too. We will relieve your suffering and you will recover. The disease will not recur.

Control your emotions, the food you eat and maintain a good life style. It will save you money, shorten the time to recover and be cured from the disease.

Remember - we are living in a world still not fully fair yet - why wasting time and energy in confronting stupid people of course we should help the poor and innocent people.

Why don't you create your own beautiful world? Let your partner, your children, your friends, your workmates, your boss, any people surrounding you join and share your joy, wisdom, charity, and generosity.

You must be the source of happiness for the people who meet you.

We provide a series of treatments:

Emotional counseling, herbal treatment, acupuncture, massage, food cures, exercises-let us ensure you, we will fix your disease!

Let us cooperate, not only to fight you disease but also battle for the health of humankind. Do not complain, be upset or angry if you are confronted with unfriendly people, and help them to understand. Try to learn something from them; you have to be a good student!

Do not forget: your goal is to live in harmony with your body and the people around you. People you do not like need your smile and your support too.

Suffering is a lesson for everybody. It teaches us how to live in harmony with our body. If a person does not finish and graduates from that course, the individual will suffer from disease forever until the day they die. Nobody will ever be free from any stress and challenge, try to handle it the best you can.

Try to think of some way to solve your problems and your stress before you go to sleep, let your unconsciousness work for you. You may get some new idea in the next morning when you get up.

Do not eat the food you like most (like hot and spicy food) right at the start - you may overdose on it. Put it at the end of the meals and under control.

You will enjoy your food.



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